Xiaoyu Miao

Why 360 changes everything

I think the 360 camera is going to become the next big battlefield. And growth in the industry will come from content, cameras, and streaming.

I want to push the industry forward and help our customers. If you look at a 360 camera, there is a fundamental difference between it and a conventional camera. It provides a means to record a scene around a user. If you think about the historical view of photography, it has not changed since the first version of the camera. People pick up a camera, aim a lens, and look for a particular thing to capture based on a viewfinder. And that camera has a very limited field of view.

The 360 camera captures the entire world around the user, which fundamentally changes how we take a picture. You don’t have to aim your camera, because you capture everything in your world. I think that’s a major difference.

But the industry today has two major issues: 1) the cameras are bulky and expensive, especially if you want a good one; and 2) the user experience and workflow for taking a picture and uploading it to your social network is cumbersome.

I wanted to work hard on those aspects to make a miniaturized 360 camera that’s affordable and easy to use for most users.


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