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Yazhu Ling

A tale of two sensors

Better resolution, better noise control, and better details.

I've dedicated the last 6 years of my career helping people to take better pictures, and I have been fortunate to witness the revolution of mobile photography from the front row. It’s mind-blowing how much mobile photography has progressed, but as the sector starts to mature and commoditize, the pace of image quality improvement also stagger. The industry is calling for out of box thinking and bolder innovations.

That’s why I am excited to join Essential and start to work on two completely different, yet equally challenging camera projects. Adding the 360 camera as an accessory removes the traditional form factor constraint from the handset, and gives us more flexibility to use the highest quality mobile sensor and lens design for better image quality. For the users, the new 360 format also provide a refreshingly new way to capture and relive their precious life moments.

Meanwhile, as someone who’s used to dealing with the form factor vs image quality tradeoff problem, I also understand that the best camera is often the one that’s always with you. Our users desire a non-intrusive smartphone camera, and that’s why we choose the color + mono dual camera system for our handset.

The design enables us to remove the ‘camera bump’ without sacrificing image quality. In addition, we use computational photography to achieve better low-light noise control and increased resolution. The result are dramatically better pictures for our users, no matter how much experience they have as photographers.

We also gained a brand new monochrome camera mode for real black & white photography, and a depth sensing system that's future proof for other depth dependent features. Users can shoot true black and white pictures with the monochrome sensor, which although not for everyone, is something I can definitely appreciate from a creative standpoint.


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