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Dwipal Desai
mai 27, 2017

Privacy by design

The home is your own space where you should be able to say what you want, without having to worry about your privacy.

We’ve designed Essential Home to run most things on the device itself, so most data stays in your home where it belongs. Essential Home will directly talk to your devices over your in-home network whenever possible to limit sending data to the cloud.

At Essential, we like to push the frontier of what technology can do for people so we are using context and artificial intelligence to help Essential Home be a proactive assistant. With these advances, it can not only respond to your queries but also proactively let you know about important things - like if you need to leave for work early or if something unusual is going on in your home.

Our goal is to work with all your favorite devices such as smart lightbulbs, security cameras and music systems and let you have complete control of your home. We want to support the devices that you already own and use. Plus, being an open and extensible platform makes it easy to add new ones.


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