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Mara Segal
mai 13, 2017

Feel right at home

Home is where we feel at ease, a place all our own. To support this feeling, we are creating Essential Home.

We are working to make Essential Home something that you want to live with – because it is unobtrusive and respects your privacy, because it is warm and has a carefully crafted design to fit your décor and most importantly, because it is genuinely useful. We all do a lot of the same tasks in our homes daily, wake up, brush our teeth, turn on and off lights, listen to music... Technology continues to change the way we do these things and Essential Home is no exception. However, we have a higher bar for what Essential Home should do for you. Yes Essential Home will help with daily tasks, but it will also let you create new experiences in the home with the devices you have. Think of it as an orchestra conductor for your digital instruments – something that can get them to start to work together in new, exciting ways.

Essential Home is already starting to do a lot of useful things and here are some of my favorites: it can take note of your routines and let you know when something feels off or if a light is left on. You can ask Essential Home to play your favorite music and when you start a conversation it will adjust the volume downward so you don’t have to talk over it. When you’re getting ready in the morning, Essential Home can show how long you have until you need to leave and even blink the lights when it is time… The best part? I can ask Essential Home to do all of this without having to fumble with an app.

If you think of ways that Essential Home can be useful in your home, just let us know. We are all ears.


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