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Essential Phone, available now.

by Andy Rubin — August 16, 2017

Free yourself. How we built Essential Phone around you.


Getting everything in tune for the perfect picture

by Yazhu Ling — Juli 26, 2017

How we engineered the camera for Essential Phone


Why I started Essential

by Andy Rubin — Mai 29, 2017

I know people are going to ask me a lot of questions about why I started this company. Why didn’t I just travel the world, ride my motorcycle, tinker with my robots, hang out at my bakery with friends and family.


Privacy by design

by Dwipal Desai — Mai 27, 2017

The home is your own space where you should be able to say what you want, without having to worry about your privacy.


What craftsmanship means to us

by Linda and Jason — Mai 26, 2017

When you pick something up, there’s an unconscious acknowledgment of whether it’s good or bad.


Home now has an OS

by Manuel Roman — Mai 24, 2017

We like to refer to Ambient OS as the API for your home.


Why 360 changes everything

by Xiaoyu Miao — Mai 18, 2017

I think the 360 camera is going to become the next big battlefield. And growth in the industry will come from content, cameras, and streaming.


Feel right at home

by Mara Segal — Mai 12, 2017

Home is where we feel at ease, a place all our own. To support this feeling, we are creating Essential Home.


A tale of two sensors

by Yazhu Ling — Mai 3, 2017

Better resolution, better noise control, and better details.

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