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Thomas To
June 7, 2018

Essential Amps Up Audio

Essential partners with MQA and TIDAL for an unparalleled audio experience.

Essential not only builds products that evolve with you, but we also collaborate with the industry’s best to create more meaningful tools for daily life. Our latest focus centers around first-class audio, which is why we partnered with MQA and TIDAL to elevate everyday music listening for fans and professionals alike.

Our phone is now tuned and calibrated to support MQA for studio master quality sound, delivering full range from the original master recordings. MQA’s pioneering research and award-winning technology offers an unparalleled listening experience for master quality tracks.

Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is a new way of unpacking songs that gives a lossless audio experience in a smaller size so you can experience the sound of the original recording. You hear the richness and depth of every guitar string; every delicate vocal nuance; every piercing vibrato from a horn; and everything else the artist created without losing a single thing. And all without sacrificing your device’s storage or cellular data.

Additionally, Essential customers can access thousands of MQA tracks on TIDAL to experience their favorite artists as they intended. TIDAL is offering our Essential Phone community a three-month subscription of TIDAL HiFi, for free, to their global, experiential, entertainment platform.* And if you don't have one of our devices, we're making it easier to experience better quality audio today by offering an Essential Phone with our high-resolution Earphones|HD for $499.

And later this summer, stay tuned for our newest accessory, the Audio Adapter HD. It’s one of the first to feature a high-resolution ESS Sabre® DAC with hardware MQA rendering and an audiophile-grade amp that can drive demanding high-impedance headphones. Crafted with machined titanium, the Audio Adapter HD is exceptionally durable and can accommodate almost all types of 3.5mm headphones. Even better, the Audio Adapter HD utilizes our Click connect technology so you can listen to music while still being able to charge your phone.

Learn more about audio on the Essential Phone here.

Limited time offer for Essential Phone users in countries currently eligible for shipping from who are new TIDAL subscribers. Offer is not valid for existing TIDAL subscribers. As TIDAL is a partner service, Essential cannot guarantee that TIDAL will continue to be made available to Essential Phone users, and will not be liable for any interruption or termination of the TIDAL service.

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