Niccolo de Masi
November 7, 2017

The Future Is All Around Us

Over the past decade, social media has evolved to include increasingly rich content—from simple text to photos, video, and beyond. We’re now on the verge of the next revolution in content creation.

One that will transform how we share our experiences: capturing our world in 360-degrees. That’s why we designed Essential Phone with Click Connect technology, and our first accessory, the Essential 360 Camera.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, 360 is worth a million. At the heart of the 360-degree movement is the ability to place the viewer into an exact place in time—surrounded by the moment. With Essential 360 Camera, whether you’re a casual social media user or a professional content creator, you can effortlessly create high-resolution 360-degree photos and videos anywhere, anytime, and viewable on any screen (see our tips here).

Selfies go from 'see me' to 'see my world.' Friends halfway around the world can experience your favorite band's concert as if they were standing in the pit with you. Relive the excitement on the field after your child's soccer team wins that playoff game. Beyond personal use, 360 is also gaining momentum as a medium to create more immersive and engaging news stories. Imagine stepping into the shoes of a reporter on the frontlines, sitting front row at a fashion show or tagging along on a travel writer’s latest adventure.

To explore what’s possible, we are teaming up with a variety of photographers, filmmakers and journalists to develop a diverse range of stories that showcase the power and versatility of 360. One of our first partners is Storyhunter - the world’s largest network of visual storytellers – with a mission to empower local journalists to tell their communities’ stories to a global audience. We armed over 50 of Storyhunter’s top journalists and filmmakers around the world with Essential Phones and 360 Cameras. The first wave of Storyhunter stories provides viewers with a different and unique perspective on a range of topics from the world’s largest dog park, to US/Mexico border activities, to the life of a storm chaser.

Essential is not only encouraging the 360-degree movement but delivering the tools to accelerate it. Soon, we’ll reach a time where people consider ‘fixed perspective’ photos and videos the old guard of the 19th and 20th centuries. Please visit our Essential 360 gallery to experience stories from around the world.

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