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Andy Rubin

— Founder and CEO

Andy Rubin, Essential CEO, Android Founder

Why I started Essential

I know people are going to ask me a lot of questions about why I started this company. Why didn’t I just travel the world, ride my motorcycle, tinker with my robots, hang out at my bakery with friends and family. And to be honest I still do ask myself that sometimes…but not too often.

So why did I create Essential? Well, my hardware engineers wanted me to talk about how we are bringing real passion and craftsmanship back into this category. My software engineers wanted me to talk about our vision for making all devices, even those we don't make ourselves, play well together. My partners wanted me to talk about how we are using methods that could change how successful technology companies are built forever.

But the real reason is because of what happened during a night out with an old friend of mine...

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Your phone

Essential Phone comes in several unique colors to match your style -- Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, Copper Black, and Halo Gray.

There's no branding or logos anywhere on it. Your phone is more of an expression of who you are—because it’s yours.

*But we won’t complain if you talk nice about us to your friends.

Pure White

Ocean Depths


Stellar Gray


Copper Black


Halo Gray

Black Moon

01 360° Camera
Accessories that
simply Click

Don’t you hate it when you have to buy new dongles, chargers, and accessories every time your phone is upgraded? We do too. So we decided to make this a thing of the past. The magnetic connector with wireless data transfer keeps your phone cord-free, future-proof, and always up-to-date.

icon_magnet All accessories magnetically
snap to the phone
Introducing the
world’s smallest 360°
personal camera

Other 360° cameras are big, bulky, and complicated to use. We thought it was about time someone made a 360° camera for the rest of us. Simply click the 360° camera to your phone to point, shoot, and share. It’s that easy.

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Essential 360° camera, smallest 360°personal camera, magnetic 360° camera
01.1 Experience 360°

Knitting Factory — Boise, Idaho, May 26
Filmed on Essential Phone

A 360 day in the life
of Cameron Dallas

Questlove visits the Bay Bridge
in San Francisco

Tyga takes his 488 Spider for a spin

01 / 04
01.2 Technical Details


Height: < 67mm

Width: < 32mm

Thickness: < 12 mm (body)

Weight: < 35grams



Microphone: 4x microphones in 3D, ambisonic tetrahedral arrangement


Dual Cameras:

Sensor Resolution: Dual 12MP fisheye imagers

Lens aperture: f1.8

FOV: 210° (each)

Video Resolutions: 360° UHD (3840 x 1920) at 30fps



60GHz Wireless, SuperSpeed USB

2x accessory power pins


System Architecture / OS

Qualcomm® 8053

Glass optics for
the best achievable
Dual 12 megapixel
image sensors
stitching engine
Wireless magnetic accessory
Thermal vent

Xiaoyu Miao

— Principal Engineer at Playground

Xiaoyu Maio

Why 360 changes everything

If you look at a 360 camera, it’s completely different from a conventional one, in that it captures the entire world around the user. It is an immersive experience that puts the viewer in the center of the action and fundamentally changes how we take a picture. You no longer aim your camera, because you get everything in every shot.

This is a fundamental format change, the largest since George Eastman founded Kodak in 1888.

However, there are a few major issues with where the industry is now, and I wanted to work hard on those aspects to make a miniaturized 360 camera that’s affordable and easy to use for most users.

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Docking station

Phone Dock

icon_battery_pack Docking station for Essential Phone
icon_magnet Magnetic

Your phone is an essential part of your daily life. And like you, it needs to lie down and recharge sometimes. With our unique Click cordless connector, your phone can quickly recharge while always being at-the-ready for when you need it.

Keep me posted
Asset 98

Send me announcements, updates, and information about Essential products and services (including promotions, recommendations, offers) via email. I can opt-out at any time via the link in the marketing communications. Privacy Policy

Essential phone dock, cordless phone dock, magnetic phone dock

Beauty meets

There’s a reason titanium is used to build rockets and replace bones. Unlike aluminum, which most phones are made of, titanium is exceptionally more durable. Our phone housing can resist scratching, denting, and bending as it's made from a harder, stronger, and more resilient material.

We believe titanium is the perfect material to create one of the most essential things in our lives – one we all sometimes drop.

The drop test. We drop tested the Essential Phone on solid concrete to ensure that your phone could survive a bad accident. See it in slow motion.

icon_material Titanium: Strong.
Resilient. Distinctive.

When performing a corner drop test on solid concrete, the Essential Phone’s titanium enclosure survived the fall with significantly fewer blemishes compared to the aluminum competitor devices.

Essential Phone

Jason Keats & Linda Jiang

— Head of Product Architecture & Head of Industrial Design


What craftsmanship
means to us

Craftsmanship is the intangible quality that a customer senses when they pick up a product for the first time. The experience one feels as the product rests in your hand, there’s an unconscious acknowledgment of whether it’s good or bad. If you hold a poorly crafted product, you can feel the haste in which it was rushed through the R&D process. This abstract notion is impossible to hide. It just doesn’t feel right.

To get a true, crafted feel, we selected unusual materials: titanium and ceramic. Each offers its own challenges, and our task was developing new processes to get them right. But the end result is worth it.

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Full Display™

With the Essential Phone’s stunning edge-to-edge Full Display there’s finally a large-screen device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Essential Phone
Asset 109 Big screen,
small phone


icon_vertical_line Better focus with
depth tracking
icon_focus Optimized low light

We understand that you won’t use a 360 camera to capture every moment in your life. That’s why we put so much effort into developing one of the world’s best phone cameras.

The result is the world’s thinnest dual camera system built for a phone. It uses both color and monochrome sensors that can capture up to 200% more light than traditional phone cameras. This results in stunning images that are rich in color and detail, even in low light. The phone also offers a true ‘monochrome’ mode.

Essential front-facing camera and Full Display™

The front-facing camera is capable of producing 8MP still photos and 4K video, all in a compact form factor designed to blend seamlessly into our Full Display™.  


Yazhu Ling

— Lead Imaging Quality Engineer

Yahzu Ling

A tale of two sensors

I've dedicated the last 6 years of my career helping people to take better pictures, and I have been fortunate to witness the revolution of mobile photography from the front row. It’s mind-blowing how much mobile photography has progressed, but as the sector starts to mature and commoditize, the pace of image quality improvement also stagger. The industry is calling for out of box thinking and bolder innovations.

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Model Name

Essential PH-1



Titanium body

Ceramic back

Corning Gorilla Glass 5 cover glass



Height: 141.5mm

Width: 71.1mm

Thickness: 7.8mm

Weight: < 185 grams



Resolution: 2560 x 1312 QHD

Aspect Ratio: 19:10

Diagonal Size: 5.71” with radiused corners

Brightness: 500 nits (typical)

Contrast Ratio: > 1000:1 (typical)

Technology: CGS / LTPS


Human Input + Sensors

10 finger multitouch: palm and water-error rejection

Fingerprint reader: fastest available technology

Proximity / Ambient light sensor

Volume buttons, Power button

Environmental pressure sensor (barometer)

Accelerometer, Magnetometer and Gyroscope



Microphone: 4x microphones with noise cancellation and beam forming

Low Audio: (earpiece)

High Audio: (loudspeaker)

Support Qualcomm® aptX™ HD


Rear Camera

13MP Dual RGB + Mono camera with image fusion technology

13MP True Monochrome mode

f/1.85 lens

Hybrid Auto Focus combing Contrast, Phase Detect and IR Laser Assist Focus

4K video recording at 30fps

1080p HD video recording at 30fps or 60fps

720p Slow-mo video recording at 120fps


Front Camera

8MP resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio

f/2.20 fixed hyperfocal lens

4K and 1080p HD video recording at 30fps




Fast charging via USB


Memory & Storage


Storage: 128GB UFS 2.1



Bluetooth: 5.0

WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac with MIMO

NFC: yes

Positioning: GPS and GLONASS


Network / Bands

UMTS/HSPA+: 1, 2, 4, 5 6, 8

GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

CDMA EV-DO Rev. A: 0, 1, 10

FDD-LTE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 17, 20, 21, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 66

TDD-LTE: 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43

TD-SCDMA: 34, 39


System Architecture / OS


Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835

CPU: Kryo 280 Octa-core (2.45GHz Quad + 1.9GHz Quad), 64 bit, 10nm processor

GPU: Adreno 540, 710MHz, 64bit



USB Type-C

60GHz, 6 Gbps Wireless Accessory Connector

2x accessory power pins

NanoSIM tray with pin eject

Asset 118

Water and Dust Resistant


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Asset 126

Essential Phone

Unlocked phone. Compatible with all carriers. No traps. 128GB.

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Asset 127 A friendly face
for your home

A new home base

Home devices are complicated to set up, they don't play well with one another, and there are too many separate applications to manage. We don't think that's right, so we’re busy bringing an entirely new type of product to the world. One that easily connects and interacts with the products you already have.

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Asset 97
Asset 128

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